Welcome to the world of photos

Monday, November 28, 2011

Aaaaah, Nothing better than a morning dew :), First thing in the morning i did was took a picture of this leaf or is it a flower, I'm not sure -.-'' But what i'm sure of is its a plant, so its just the same. My point is this picture shows that how fresh the dew is early in the morning :). And the way i took it, never forget that.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Part 4, Focus On You

I obviously just focus on the plant and that insect, Its really hard to focus on them -.-'' Well i tried and i got it !

Part 3, Cactus :3

Well, as you can see this is a cactus :3, I took this picture using a potrait lence, I focus on the cactus and leaves the background blur and it automaticly makes the lights all bokehish and stuff :)


Hoho, This picture up here , i didn't take it cause i dont really know how to use this lense its called micro something something, sorry i dont remember hehe. But this lence is to take pictures of small stuff like that. This picture was taken by my mentor auntie faizah :D. Thanks auntie

Part 1 , Aimi Loves Nikkon.

I took this picture at Taman Herbal At Pahang ,Creds to auntie faizahs lenses :), If you truley and try to look at this picture that i took, this picture and the way i took it , where the shadows fall, where the sun is and which angle i took it. I think this picture is very welcoming . :) So welcome.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Is Me (:

Hey there, I guess this is my 6th blog and I'm gonna make this blog RIGHT for ONCE! Okay back to introducing :), My name is Aimi Shahirah, You can either call me Amy , Aimi or Mimi haha you can pick :D, This blog is about me and photographys :D I'm intrested in them since i got a Nikkon camera of course , And I'll put those pictures in my blog to show you guys :). Btw, hope you enjoy all my photos, its actually seriously tiring ^ ^, Oh well, Its kinda my ambition but i'm really focusing on science and chemistry stuff like that, I guess taking pictures is my hobby, :D Well enjoyyyyy! and hope you guys like it :D ..